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iPhone Space Saver

Not being able to expand the iPhone memory, what it costs, it ends the storage space for so many people. Let's face it, we have the family in debt, we mortgaged the house and committed the grandmother to buy the iPhone by, and at the climax the memory is full.


Ah, how it was better when there was Steve Jobs! Armed with patience, you go on the internet to look for a tutorial that solves the problem. They are various solutions, but nothing really complete


Here we guide you step by step until you reach the final point to address iPhone not enough storage problems.


1.    Download photos and videos


iPhone not enough storage does not mean throwing everything away. If you do not care to keep photos and videos on your device, you can easily download them to your PC or Mac, with software Picasa (on the PC) and iPhoto (on the Mac).


Connect your iPhone to your computer, run one of the two programs. With Picasa, the iPhone will be recognized as if it were a normal camera. After selecting the photos to download to your PC, do not forget to select the option "remove photos from your device after downloading."


If you use a Mac, launch iPhoto after you connect your phone, select iPhone in the sidebar and import everything that interests you. After the transfer, you will see the "remove photo from the iPhone" button. Click on it and then patiently course, the removal of the photos can last a long time. Although it seems that it is finished, sometimes it does not. Without disconnecting the phone from the Mac App, open the photos that you check the number of shots is actually dropped. Do this after each holiday or any events in which you participate. Photos are safe on a computer more than that on a phone.


2.    Turn off iCloud Photo Library


ICloud Photo Library is a new feature of the iPhone, which was introduced to make available photos anytime, from anywhere, using any device. All pictures taken with your phone or saved on your Mac will auto-load on an iCloud library to make them available online by using the user name and password of your Apple ID. The problem is that it takes a huge space so it is recommended to disable the function. To turn off iCloud Photo Library you access the iPhone Settings, scroll to the fourth block and select "iCloud", then "Photo" on and off "iCloud Photo Library".


3.    Reinstall the Apps


The Apps that you download on Smartphone take up space. The share of free memory is required for the installation shown in 'App Store at the time of download. On that you cannot do anything. But there is an additional amount of bytes used by the App to be more responsive in operation. Some, such as Safari, are right to occupy this space. Many others do not. The solution, for the latter is to get it reinstalled.


iPhone Not Enough Storage